Foreign trade salesman

Post duties:
1.Responsible for business development, customer order information, customer contact, customer enquiries for inquiry; 
2. Striving for orders in the international market, consolidating old customers, developing new customers, making plans and implementing plans according to sales targets and implementing them. 
3. To be responsible for the pre tender qualification review of the project, and to receive the auxiliary sales work such as the customer.
4. Follow up the production schedule of the order, and check with the merchandiser to check whether the product is in accordance with the customer's request, and contact the customer to check the goods. 
5. Responsible for accounts receivables and payment of goods. 
6. Do a good job between the customer and the merchandiser. 
7. Organize the handling of customer complaints or returns, and feed back the results to the company or customer. 
8. Act as a temporary translation;
9. Finish the other work done by the superior.

Requirements for office:
1.College or above, age 25 to 38 years old
2.International Economic and trade, English and other related major, English can be fluent.
3.More than 3 years of trade experience in electrical related industry, independent development of customers, have a single experience
4.Knowledge of international trade knowledge and related products export knowledge, familiar with foreign trade process
5.Independent use of Google, B2B, e-mail and other network tools to develop customers, independently participate in exhibitions, marketing activities, solid English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, proficient in sales skills.
6.Strong sense of responsibility, high work passion, teamwork spirit, strong communication ability

Working address:
Nantong City,Jiangsu Province